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4th edition of PIX4life Webinar Series – PIX4life

Imec’s Silicon Nitride Photonics Multi-Project-Wafer Service


7th July 2020 (Tuesday), 1100 CEST
40 minutes duration + Q&A


The 4th edition of the PIX4life webinar series unravels imec’s Silicon Nitride (SiN) photonics multi-wafer-project (MPW) service.

After being successfully validated on six early-access MPW fabrication runs and uncountable test runs for PIX4life, imec’s SiN photonics platform is now available as an open-access service. The MPW service provides a highly accessible and affordable route for prototyping SiN based photonic integrated circuits (PIC) for diverse range of applications in fields like biological and industrial sensing, ranging, spectroscopy, quantum optics etc.

The focus of this webinar is not just the technological characteristics of the platform, but also the topics concerning accessibility, design flow and packaging. The webinar will attempt to answer the following questions:

• What is in imec’s SiN photonics platform?
• How can the MPW service be accessed?
• What is typical design flow for an MPW run?


The webinar is relevant for anyone who is interested in photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology for life-science applications. This webinar is a general overview of the PIC fabrication technology used in PIX4life project. There is as such no prerequisite minimum qualification requirement.


The webinar will be presented by Adil Masood from imec (Belgium)


The webinar is free and for public access. Please register using the following link.