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PIX4life Pilot Line Services – PIX4life

PIX4life aims to offer an open-access manufacturing platform for photonic integrated circuits, specially targeting life-science applications. Chip fabrication will be done either through dedicated wafer runs, or most often by multi-project wafer (MPW) runs, where many users will be able to share wafer space, and thus the fabrication cost. PIX4life will also offer all kinds of additional services like photonic integration consultancy, circuit design, chip testing and packaging.

While the pilot line is being developed, during 2017-2018 some early access MPW runs will be offered to selected external users at a subsidized cost.

The first early-access MPW run by LioniX is scheduled for this summer over their TriPleX platform, and the next run by IMEC will be scheduled for this winter over their BioPIX platform.

For the upcoming TriPleX run, the chip size will be either 24 x 8 mm, or 24 x 16 mm, and the target deadline for registration is June 30st. For the selected end-users, the deadline for submitting designs will be July 31st, with expected chip delivery date around November 2017.

To ease the design of the circuits by external users, PIX4life partner PhoeniX has developed a TripleX Process Design Kit (PDK) that will be available to external users from the 1st of June 2017, to be used with their software design tool. If full circuit design is actually needed by the end users, VLC Photonics will also offer its services as a design house.

If you are interested in registering to get access to this early runs, or to get more information about pricings or any other of PIX4life’s MPWs and services, please contact us at info@pix4life.com.