Main tasks in PIX4life




- Project coordination

- Material, tools & process development.

- Set up required process metrology and validation setups.

- Contribute to building block and target specifications.

- MPW management towards early access and open access with external customers.

- Liesbet Lagae

- Xavier Rottenberg

- Veroni Ballet

- Romano Hoofman


- Provide CMOS Image sensors wafers.

- Support post-processed wafer: testing, test result interpretation.

- Support IC packaging and camera electronics development.

- Marc Dendoncker

- Gert Schippers





- Development of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for on-chip light source integration.

- Anders Larsson

- Kurt Stenudd

LioniX International

- Material and process optimization.

- Design & implementation of process control features.

- Realization of PIC building blocks in the TripleX platform in various manufacturing runs.

- Execution of the processing for the MPW runs in the TriPleX platform.

- Arne Leinse





- Coordination component design, test and model (WP3).

- Involved in CAD software and design kits, as well as training.

- Erwin De Baetselier

- Pieter Dumon





- Contributions on on building block specifications and architecture options.

- Focus on Optical Coherence Tomography on a chip.

- Jose Luis Rubio

- Eduardo Margallo





- Define package design kits using the 2.5D integration approach.

- Design tools & Libraries.

- Trainings for specific MPW runs and new PhD's covering hardware, software and application examples.

- Arjen Bakker

- Niek Nijenhuis


- Creation of reliable sensor for external monitoring of body parameters.

- Michael Stumber



- Design of PIC building blocks and characterization

- Design of photonic components for multi-wavelength microscopy light source

- Optical fiber to PIC packaging

- Flip-chip integration of optical source

- Jeremy Witzens

- Sebastian Romero

- Florian Merget



- Participation on system specifications and PIC verification.

- Fabrication of custom lasers for flipchip integration.

- Patrick Leisching





- Development and provisioning of packaging solutions for sources using fiber-coupling to PICs.

- Development and provisioning of alternative packaging solutions for source / detector components.

- Provisioning packaging for concrete application demonstrators.

- Peter O'Brien

- Matthieu Martin

vlc 80

- Design and optimization of different passive Bbs.

- Design of the required structures for active component integration, and for process testing and layout of a generic test cell.

- Characterization of Bbs after fabrication.

- Support on OCT designs.

- Dissemination.

- Iñigo Artundo

- Eduardo Selma

- Marco Garcia


- Design, simulate and fabricate PIC building blocks

- Coordinate MPW process

- Development of the epoxy free fiber array to PIC method.

Now part of LioniX International

- Douwe Geuzebroek



logo solmates


- Deposition and optimization of piezoelectric thin films on TriPleX platform for strain modulation on waveguides.

- Matthijn Dekkers


Miltenyi Biotec logo

- Specification and validation of configurations for extended integration and packaging options around a flow cell for cytometric applications.The flow cell will be the intersection point between integrated optics, electronics and biomaterial.

- Martin Büscher